Woman wants sperm donor to have kids, doesn’t think husband attractive enough

In a bizarre case, a man revealed his wife wanted to use a sperm donor to have children because she didn’t think he was attractive enough. Interestingly, the donor she had in mind was the ‘handsome doctor’ she had been having an affair with.

Before he learned his wife of three years was cheating on him, the unnamed 30-year-old took to Reddit this week to share his story, admitting that he had been struggling with the revelation but didn’t feel comfortable talking about it with his family or friends. 

He explained that when talking about children she suggested a sperm donor because then the child will have a better chance at a good life. On being asked to explain, the wife said that if the baby had genes of an incredibly attractive and smart man then he/she would live an easier life and be happier.

The man went on to say that he thought his 26-year-old wife’s reasoning for wanting to use a sperm donor had more to do with her insecurity about her own looks than his.

He made a point at noting that he was ‘around the same level of attractiveness’ as his wife, and she was physically attracted to him.

The man said was confused to the point he was actually considering going along with his wife’s plan ‘to fix the problem,’ but he admitted it would make him think she had just married him for the money to raise ‘this other handsome man’s child.’

In a follow-up post, the man revealed that he asked his wife if she would consider using a sperm donor and an egg donor, but ‘she pretty much shut that down real fact.’

According to his wife, at least one of them needed to be biologically related to the child and it would be better if it was her because the baby would grow inside her.

The bizarre story got even stranger when the man returned to Reddit with a second update, this time revealing that he had learned his wife was having an affair.

The man explained that he was struggling to sleep and woke his wife up at 4 a.m. and had a two-hour conversation with her about her desire to have a sperm donor, which resulted in a lot of tears.

It turned out, she’s been cheating on him with a married man who has been to their house multiple times for dinner and realized she wanted her kids to be like him.

Although he insisted in his original post that divorce was not an option, he swiftly changed his tune and vowed to ‘destroy her in court.’

In his final update, the man confirmed that his wife was not pregnant and her colleague was not anyone who was in a position of power over her.

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