Video goes viral: Girl dumped by lover dances to Bollywood song outside his house

New Delhi: Heartbroken people can do anything and everything under the sun. And who doesn’t remember this famous line, “everything is fair in love and war’. Going by this logic, a recent viral video on social media looks anything but bizarre.

Well, a latest viral video of a girl dancing to Bollywood song while onlookers watch in amazement has cracked up the social media users. Several reports claim that the girl was actually dumped by her boyfriend and this was her way of taking revenge.

According to, the girl in the video looks apparently drunk and can be seen dancing to songs from Aamir Khan’s film ‘Raja Hindustani’. As many as four videos of her dance are available online where she can be seen grooving to ‘Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge’.

The video is taken at Pataudi where the girl got her own DJ and danced outside the house of her boyfriend, who dumped her. However, whether the girl is actually drunk or not has not been confirmed.

Watch the video here:

Social media certainly is one platform where anything can go viral. And coming back to this one, this girl has got an innovative way of dealing with a heartbreak, must say!

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