Toronto Area Police Car Flying A ‘Khalistan Flag’

Toronto : A Toronto-area police official was allegedly captured posing in front of an official vehicle with the ‘Khalistan’ flag mounted on top of it is receiving a severe backlash on Twitter.

The Police confirmed the vehicle and the officer posing in front of it belonged to the Peel region, but there has been no statement issued in response to the incident.

The flag mounted on the vehicle had ‘Khalistan’ inscribed on it, representing the Sikh separatist movement in India.

Many people objected the mounting of an unauthorised flag on a police vehicle as well as bringing political movements of India to Canada.

“This is a Toronto area police car, flying a Khalistani separatist flag. This is disgraceful. We should support our allies. One India. No to terror. No to radicalism. No to bringing foreign tribal feuds to Canada,” wrote Canadian journalist Candice Malcolm on Twitter.

The Khalistan movement, which seeks to create a separate nation for the Sikh community, again found traction in India after Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA and leader of opposition in Punjab assembly, extended his support to Sikh hardliners demanding a referendum on Khalistan by 2020.

“If people living in independent nations choose to do such a referendum, they are doing it within their rights,” Khaira said in the Punjab assembly last week. “And they are doing all this because the justice system in India is so flawed that it has led to such emotions.”

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