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Top 5 lingerie trends

- Posted on 21 February 2020

NEW DELHI, FEB 21 : Are you also one of those women who tucked their lingerie in the back drawer somewhere and used it only for special occasions? If yes, then this mentality is oh so wrong. Lingerie is one such fashion item that you should invest in on a regular basis, especially considering the ones you wear every day. Yes, even the pretty, sheer lace kind too. So, prep up to spoil yourself by upgrading your lingerie drawer with trendiest lingerie sets. Shared by Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Paris Beauty.

Embrace yourself with Sports bra The growing interest in health and fitness shows no signs of declining, thus resulting in a demand for high-impact sports bras that deliver on minimizing breast movement and also look stylish. Sports bra have now become a fashion trend that melds workout gear with regular life, whilst providing you with amazing shape and comfort. They are also suitable for all activities from grabbing a coffee to horse riding or running marathons. And that’s why sports bras are taking over women’s lingerie collection.

Timeless Lace Look Laces never run out of style, especially when it comes to lingerie. Its delicate and beautiful design is bound to create a timeless look that counts out to be trendy every time you pull it off. Lace adds oomph while keeping the lingerie extremely feminine and will make you feel good about yourself, boost your confidence and will be attuned your body shape every time you gaze in the mirror. These delicate pieces of garments look stunning in almost every colour but when chosen in light or sugary pastels that look is just everyone is swooning on.

Halter Neck Bras Women today are taking up bold fashion choices and filling up their wardrobes with spunky lingerie such as halter neck bras. There’s something supremely cool about the halter silhouette-how it shows off the shoulders but keeps the neck covered up. This lingerie perfectly mimics your summertime halter neckline with a strap that fastens behind the neck. It comes in several fabrics such as cotton, spandex, polyamide, satin, mesh, net, lace, and silk. Such lingerie collection also works beautifully when paired with sheer fabrics, and look incredible when framed behind a mesh top.

Those Sexy back detailing The detail is on the back this season. Fine strapping, tiebacks, as well as delicate lace and ruffles, create a feminine look. Up your lingerie game this summer with intricate designs and sexy patterns to create that sensuous look with a back detailing bra. These bras are definitely made to be seen, so pair some embellished pieces with your favourite outerwear for incredible evening looks.

Shapewear on the go When you think of lingerie, you likely reach for bras and underwear, but don’t you forget about the one-piece that quickly. Yess, the shapewear is one of those trends that we can’t get enough of and surely not falling out of love with, in 2020 also. They have become a staple in women’s lingerie wardrobes, and for a good reason. They are no longer simply a fixture on red carpets, but are also available for civilians who want instant lifting and tucking for special occasions, or even just for everyday wear.

So, without delay, hop on the bandwagon and spruce up your lingerie collection starting with the new flavours of the year which are ready to spark your attention and revamp your look.

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