The Department of Consumer Affairs will issue daily list of essential commodities during lockdown

 Chandigarh, April 4:  During the lockdown, the State Consumer Affairs Department will release the list of prices of essential commodities daily, the above information was given by the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Bharat Bhushan Ashu in a statement issued here today.

 Ashu said that due to the lockdown, people are being looted by some merchants and grocer sellers by applying the rates of arbitrage, which will not be tolerated at all.

 He said that it has been decided to release the list of prices of essential commodities daily to deal with this problem.

 According to the list released today, the prices of goods sold per kg are as follows: rice – Rs 30 per kg and Rs 2600 per quintal, wheat – Rs 22 per kg and 2000 rupees per quintal, wheat flour – Rs 24 per kg  And Rs 2300 per quintal, gram pulse Rs 70 per kg and Rs 6000 per quintal, Tuar / Arhar dal – Rs 95 per kg and Rs 8500 per quintal, Urad Dal – Rs 100  Per kg and Rs 9000 per quintal, moong dal – Rs 110 per kg and Rs 10,000 per quintal, lentils – Rs 85 per kg and Rs 7500 per quintal, sugar – Rs 38 per kg and Rs 3600 per quintal, jaggery – 40  Rupees per kg and Rs. 3500 per quintal, open tea leaf – Rs. 100 per kg and Rs. 9000 per quintal, iodised salt – Rs. 20 per kg and Rs. 1800 per quintal.  Averted, potatoes -30 per kg and Rs 2,500 per quintal, onion -40 per kilogram and per quintal to Rs 3,000 and tomatoes -40 per kg and Rs 3,200 per quintal.

 Apart from this, the price of goods sold per liter is like this: Milk – Rs 45 per liter and Rs 4300 per quintal liter, Peanut oil – Rs 145 per liter and Rs 13000 quintal liter, Mustard oil – Rs 102 per liter and Rs 9200 quintal.  Liters, vegetable oil – Rs 95 per liter and Rs 9000 quintal liter, soya oil – Rs 100 per liter and Rs 9000 quintal liter while sunflower oil – Rs 108 per liter and Rs 9800 quintal liter.

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