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Sukhbir’s political end certain due to grave anti Panthic acts, says Sunil Jakhar

- Posted on 14 November 2018

Chandigarh, November 14: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president and Member Parliament Sunil Jakhar on Wednesday lambasted Akalis for thrusting Gobind Singh Longowal as SGPC head adding that in the wake of the public anger amidst resignation by many senior Akalis leaders Longowal would be the last one to be handpicked by Badals.

In a statement issued here today, Jakhar said that in future SGPC heads would be appointed according to the people’s wishes. 

Training his guns at Sukhbir Badal for using religion to further his political ends,  Jakhar further said that junior Badal s arrogance had ensured their political end is imminent. 

He further pointed out that while Sukhbir had once again proved his long association with Dera Chief by appointing Longowal as SGPC head, he had once again betrayed the Panth as Longowal had been declared tankhayia for going to Dera. 

The time had come for Sukhbir to not only apologize for his deceitful acts done while in government, Jakhar said adding that law would soon catch up with him. 

Sunil Jakhar flayed Akalis for disrespecting the Ranjit Singh Commission report and said that by running away from debate in Assembly Akalis had proved their involvement in acts of desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 

Those who sold the commission report for Rs 5 were now feeling the heat and would have to present themselves before the Commission. 

The issues raised by Congress were now in the people’s court where Badals will have to answer, Jakhar said. 

The senior Akalis leaders resigning from SAD were infact finally raising their voice against the arrogance and high handedness of Badals, he added. 

The countdown had begun for the wiping out of SAD with senior Akalis venting their ire publicly and resigning on one pretext or another.  That’s why Badals had been forced to depose themselves before the Commission contrary to their previous stand. 

Sukhbir will have to pay for his misdeeds, Jakhar said adding that giving up of the post of SAD preseident will be just the start of it.

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