Sukhbir appeal for strengthening democracy, social welfare

Chandigarh May 18 – Shriomani AKali Dal president Sukhbir SIngh Badal
today appealed to the people to  turn out in large numbers to exercise
their right to franchise peacefully in order to   strengthen
democracy, peace and communal harmony in the state and the country, so
that the the journey on the path of development , social welfare and
prosperity could continue uninterrupted.
 In a statement here, Mr Badal said that the political parties should
practice  issue-based politics devoted to the service of the people
and refrain from false propaganda  aimed at exploitation of people’s
sentiments for political gains.”
 The Akali president  said that social welfare policies such as food
and other subsidies , pensions and  scholarships, especially for poor
SC students, must never be discontinued as   there are large segments
of population in our country who need governmental support.  All
political parties should rise above  other divisions and ensure that
welfare schemes and development activity in the state is not disrupted
on any excuse.”
 Mr Badal also said that India wants peace with its neighbors  and
only strong and decisive leadership at the helm of the affairs in the
country because only a strong leader can ensure peace on the borders.
No one messes with a country whose leader is decisive and clear headed.

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