Spot the difference: Who is real Anushka Sharma?

Mumbai: Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma is making headlines for her striking resemblance with another popular artist. American singer-songwriter Julia Michaels has baffled the Internet due to her uncanny resemblance to the Bollywood star.

Recently, Julia took to Instagram to share a new picture of herself. And her uncanny resemblance with Anushka has drawn people’s attention.

Julia does bear an uncanny resemblance with the actor. She has similar eyes, nose and lips and even face structure as Anushka. A comparison of the two stars is going viral on Twitter and people are calling the singer Anushka’s doppelganger.

Twitter and Instagram were soon flooded with comments comparing the two. Interestingly, people have started tagging both Anushka and her husband Virat Kohli on Julia’s Instagram picture and asked them to check out the resemblance between the two stars.

Julia Michaels is a Grammy-nominated artist and recently released a new single with Selena Gomez titled Anxiety.

Meanwhile, Anushka is currently spending some quality time with her husband Virat Kohli in New Zealand.

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