Mr. Speaker Sir,
42. One of the most famous economists of this century Thomas Piketty, perhaps, the
foremost proponents of the theory on why inequality is increasing not only in the
developed World but also in the developing World (including India/Punjab) says and I
“Historically, the main equalising force-both between and within Countries – has
been the diffusion of knowledge and skills. However, this virtuous process cannot
work properly without inclusive educational institutions and continuous
investment in skills. This is a major challenge for all Countries in the century
43. We have always believed that a merit based society is one whose foundations
rest on education and equal opportunities to education. We shall come out with a New
Education Policy very soon.
44. We need to bring innovation and efficiency in this sector. On this depends the
future of Punjab. You can rebuild roads, bridges, canals & infrastructure even if you
miss a time period, but I am afraid you can’t rebuild a generation, if you do not invest on
it at the right time.
45. Starting with the Primary Schools, I propose to allocate `21 crore this year to
ensure that every Government Primary School in the state has furniture.


46.  Though, Punjab has already achieved access to all for primary education long
time back, however, the quality of education which our children are getting in
Government schools still remains a cause of concern. This Government is fully
committed to improve the quality of education and in that direction various initiatives are
being taken. One of the reasons for poor quality of education among the schools is the
lack of involvement of community particularly the academia, intellectuals or NRIs.
Punjab has sent a large number of NRIs abroad and most of the NRIs want to repay
their community particularly the schools. Apart from NRIs, the academia, professionals
and other persons of a particular area/village who have got education from their village
schools and are settled in high positions both in Government and private sector, would
be engaged to go back to their alma-mater and contribute in their own way. Under the
scheme PADHO PUNJAB PADHAO PUNJAB the community participation and
particularly of NRIs shall be encouraged and facilitated. The Department of School
Education will coordinate the efforts with all such people.
47.  The state would make all the efforts to enhance the quality of education by
implementing various activities in the schools and also provide free text books and


48.  In this era of Information Technology, it has become essential that our children
going to Government schools are not deprived of these facilities. Punjab has been a
pioneer in initiating the ICT education in schools since 2003-04. This is the time to
introduce computer education in the primary schools of the State as well. During the
current year, we have provided a budget of `10 crore to provide computers in the
Government Primary schools.


49.  Inadequate quality of Teaching Boards (blackboards) is one of the reasons that
the teachers find it difficult to teach the students. This inadequacy has been duly taken
care of in this budget. Under the scheme, Green Boards shall be provided in all
Government Primary schools. I propose an allocation of `5.25 crore in this regard.

50.  There is no dearth of quality and well trained teachers in Punjab. However, good
performing schools need motivation and recognition. Realizing this, the State
Government has felt the need to honour the Best Primary Schools, Middle Schools,
High Schools and Sr. Secondary Schools. For this purpose, an award has been
instituted for best Government Primary school in each block (216), one each for best
Government Middle School, High School and Sr. Secondary School in each district. An
outlay of `9.27 crore has been provided in the budget for this purpose.

51.  Apart from school education, we also propose to put our focus on Higher
education. Panjab University which was set up in 1822, is a symbol of our heritage and
pride. It is one of the oldest Universities in India. Over the years the grant to Panjab
University has been dwindling to the extent that they are finding it difficult to meet their
day to day requirements. Today, we also face extreme constraint on our resources.
Nonetheless, I propose to enhance the grant to Panjab University from the existing
`26 crore to `33 crore in 2017-18.
52.  Our Government has also decided to provide free internet connectivity in all the
48 Government Colleges.

53.  Government has also decided to set up 5 new degree Colleges in the
educationally backward areas of the State. It is unfortunate that State is nowhere near
the southern states in which gross enrolment ratio in higher education is much higher.
To address this issue, a provision of `15 crore has been made, in this Budget.
54.  Punjabi is our mother language and we will do our best to preserve & promote it.
To that extent, I propose to set up a Central Institute for Promotion and Development of
Punjabi Language at Talwandi Sabo. This institute will undertake activities like
digitization and Standardization of Punjabi Language, research, translation of significant
works of Punjabi to other languages and vice-versa. A suitable initial budgetary outlay
has been made in the Budget for the purpose, and I assure that funds would never
stand in the way of promoting Punjabi.
55.  With the growth in ICT, it is important that our students not only have access to
knowledge on the Web but are also connected to the libraries across the world. We
have decided to allocate an amount of `5 crore in 2017-18 for the Central State Library
at Patiala. This amount will be utilized for setting up an e-library of national standards in
its premises, and also upgrading its infrastructure.
56.  Government Mahindra College, Patiala is one of the oldest colleges and was set
up in the year 1875. Similarly Government College Kapurthala was established in the
year 1856, Government College Malerkotla in 1926, Government College Hoshiarpur in
1927, Government College Amritsar in 1932 and so on. The Government is committed
to restore the pristine glory of these Colleges. So, we are making provision of `10 crore
for infrastructure development of Historic Government Colleges in the State, this year.
57.  Urdu is a Language which is associated with our rich culture and we propose to
give a sum of `3 crore this year for the Urdu Academy at Malerkotla, for the promotion
of Urdu.

58.  Punjab Government has started an important scheme “Chief Minister Scholarship
Scheme” for every section of the society. Under this scheme, students shall be provided
70{8c6d3f6704cdb4d22004dc79684d70f0271dd82fcfbe654786cb18f09b659ded} to 100{8c6d3f6704cdb4d22004dc79684d70f0271dd82fcfbe654786cb18f09b659ded} scholarship as per their competence.

59.  A Regional Vocational Training institute for Girls and a Regional Directorate of
Apprenticeship shall be established at village Saneta, District Mohali.
60.  In a major initiative to provide gainful employment to youth of the State,
Government shall establish a Skill University in the State for employment oriented

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