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Sophia Bush’s act of kindness during quarantine time

- Posted on 08 April 2020

LOS ANGELES, APRIL 8 : “One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush took to Instagram to share a “bright spot on this #quarantine Tuesday” with fans and followers.

“This is my friend JP. He’s been my neighborhood’s UPS man for as long as I can remember. He’s one of my favorite people to see at my front door, or on the road when I’m walking my dogs. He’s full of joy and always has a great big ‘hello!’ to offer, which never fails to result in a huge smile from residents,” Bush wrote on Instagram, alongside a selfie of the two, reports

The actress continued: “Last week I spent two days cooking more chicken stew-and cooking down 24 hour bone broth-than I can keep track of. I froze mason jars of it, and have been distributing it to neighbors and neighborhood essential workers like my main man right here.” The actress was finally able to see “JP” and give him some of her homemade soup and broth on Tuesday.

“It’s a small act of kindness, within my control in an out of control world” Bush continued. “Cooking and serving reminded me that we can steer our own ships at any time. So. Whatever way you might be able to extend yourself to a neighbor, a friend, or an essential worker today, I encourage you!” On National Doctors Day, the actress also took to social media to honour all the healthcare professionals helping those affected by COVID-19.

“In a time when healthcare professionals are being denied proper PPE, our gov’t won’t deploy ventilators, & we’ve now lost more Americans to COVID-19 than we did on 9/11? It can be easy to get swallowed by hopelessness and helplessness. But these doctors, nurses, & hospital workers?” she wrote on Instagram, sharing one of her friend’s stories and picture.

“They deserve our love, support, and our FIGHT, as they fight. As their faces are bruised from wearing masks too long. As they have to sleep in their garages to avoid exposing their families,” she added. “My friend @thisisnatalie shared this beautiful exchange with her Dad, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Let’s keep the hope alive.”

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