Singer Susheela Raman to perform in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 4 (IANS) Indo-British singer Susheela Raman will perform at the Kovalam LItFest Rock Festival here on October 12, along with globally known guitarist Sam Mills.

Raman’s short India tour after which her band goes to Abu Dhabi for a concert of world music, will consist of shows in Mumbai, a concert for invited guests in Pepper House in Fort Kochi and then in Thiruvananthapuram, read a statement.
Raman is also on the verge of releasing her seventh album “Ghost Gameplan”. She is well-known in India for her album “Salt Rain”, which has her reinvention of temple songs of south India. Her hit songs include “Vel Vel”, “Sharavana” and “Ennapenne”.
Raman also performs with famous Sufi singers from south Asia.
Her band playing in Thiruvananthapuram has apart from Sam Mills, Lucie Antunes, the Parisian marimba and vibraphone percussionist who guests on “Ghost Gameplan”.
Mills has spent a long time studying Indian music, especially south Indian and Baul music. All this makes the band a rare combination of esoteric, rock and fusion music, a rare treat for music lovers in south India.

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