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See List of Bank Holidays in March 2020 in India with state-wise bank holidays

- Posted on 03 March 2020

MARCH 03 : With the month of March 2020 have kick-started, we have some of the most auspicious festivals to be showcased this month. According to the Indian Hindu Calendar, if you are on the plan mode with regard to your finance, these bank holidays will have to be kept in mind. Whether it is for investment in shares, or transferring liquid funds, or perhaps going for emergency trips or medical treatment, these dates will prove to be useful.This list is complete as it shows the bank holidays for the public and also private sector banks in a state-wise manner. So, practically this is a one-stop point for any state in India. Take a look at this complete list of March 2020 bank holidays.

State -Wise Bank Holidays for March 2020

Mar 1, 2020: First Sunday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 6, 2020: Chapchar Kut- Only In Mizoram

Mar 7, 2020: Second Saturday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 8, 2020: Second Sunday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 9, 2020: Holika Dahan – Only In West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

Mar 10, 2020: Holi

Mar 15, 2020: Third Sunday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 21, 2020: Fourth Saturday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 22, 2020: Fourth Sunday- All India Bank Holiday

Mar 25, 2020: Fifth Sunday- All India Bank Holiday

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Apart from this, you are also advised to consult with your bank, in case any change has been issued by the Central or State Government. Or else, you can also visit the bank websites in your region to get any updates, if there are any.

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