SAG-AFTRA releases code of conduct on sexual harassment for members

Los Angeles, Feb 11 (IANS) Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has released a “Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment” instructing its 160,000 members how to deal with the issue.

The union made the announcement on Saturday night following a meeting of its national board, reports
Last month, president Gabrielle Carteris and national executive director David White had disclosed that the union was developing such a code in a message sent to members of the national board.
The “Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment” is part of a broader programme to protect its members and to confront harassment and advance equity at the workplace. The code defines sexual harassment and details what constitutes a hostile work environment, retaliation, and other types of prohibited conduct.
It also sets forth employers’ legal obligations under both the union’s contracts and the law, including the need to provide reporting mechanisms through which members can report instances of sexual harassment.
Additionally, the code makes it clear that SAG-AFTRA members will refrain from engaging in harassing conduct. And it announced “Four Pillars of Change” to achieve the union’s goals.
The “Four Pillars of Change” include rules and guidelines, empowerment through education, expanded intervention efforts, and building bridges and safety nets.
Carteris said: “To truly change the culture we must be courageous and willing. At its most basic, this code will ultimately help better define what harassment is, and what members’ rights are in real world situations. We are going further, however, with the launch of our Four Pillars of Change initiative to achieve safe workplaces and advance equity.”
“This initiative provides a critical framework for our collective efforts to further strengthen protections for SAG-AFTRA members who experience harassment in the workplace,” White added.

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