Wednesday 28 October 2020

SAD seeks personal audience with the President

- Posted on 20 September 2020

Chandigarh September 20 – The Shiromani Akali Dal today urged the President of India,  Shri Ram Nath Kovind not to put his seal of approval on the Bills passed by the parliament on the farmers’ produce marketing . “ I beseech you to please stand by the beleaguered  and toiling farmers,  farm labour (Khet Mazdoors) , Mandi labour and Dalits in their hour of need. They are facing exploitation and  look up to you to exercise your discretion as the highest executive in the country and come to their rescue by not signing these bills so that they do not acquire the finality of an Act, ” said the SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal in a passionate plea to the president adding that, “ failing this ,  the poor and the beleaguered classes and their future generations will never forgive us.”

 Badal has requested the president to grant a personal audience to a delegation of senior leaders of his party all of whom are themselves farmers.  The delegation will be led by Mr Badal himself

As a result of this Mr Badal’s proposed visit to Darbar Sahib is being rescheduled

Badal has appealed to the President to return the Bills to the Parliament for reconsideration so that “ the hasty decisions taken in a fleeting moment of overzealous stubborn-ness do not leave  permanent  scars on the nation’s psyche nor inflict a deep wound on the long-term vital interests of the  farmers, the Farm and Mandi labour and Dalits. “

  With the Rajya Sabha passing the bills today , these  will now go to the President for his  signatures of approval. Only after that do these Bills become Acts.

   “Therefore, there is still time to reconsider this  decision and undo the damage it threatens to cause to our overall national interests, especially at this critical juncture when the country’s economy requires social stability , peace and harmony to recover from the traumatic after-effects of the Covid 19 pandemic,”

 Badal said that the Founding Fathers had made this Constitutional provision for the presidential intervention after  thorough consideration of  all aspects of any legislation brought before him . The President  can   ask the Parliament to reconsider and review its decision  in the event of an absence of a  national consensus on any decision of the Government.  “ There was never a greater urgency for the President of India to exercise that discretion than there is today as the present legislation puts a question mark on  the present and the future of over 80% of the country’s population directly and of the remaining 20% indirectly. This is the fittest case for the President to exercise  his superior wisdom and   ask the two Houses of the Parliament to reconsider  these bills. This is so vital in the  overall national interest,” said Sukhbir Singh Badal.

  Badal said that he had been “deeply saddened”b y what happened in the parliament today. “Democracy is not about majoritarian oppression but about consultation, conciliation and consensus. All three democratic virtues were ignored in today’s proceedings. This distortion can only be corrected with a Presidential intervention,” said the Akali stalwart.

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