Thursday 13 August 2020

SAD says Tuli Lab and EMC hospital were being given protection by civil and police machinery at behest of Cong leaders in fake COVID-19 reports’ case

- Posted on 13 July 2020

(Bikram Singh Majithia says people feel SIT formed to probe issue will indulge in a cover up exercise)

(Says money has changed hands and officials are involved in the give and take along with Congress leaders)

Chandigarh, July 13 – The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today said Amritsar based Tuli Laboratory and EMC hospital were being given protection by the civil and police machinery at the behest of Congress leaders in the fake COVID-19 reports’ case and it was fallacious of chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh to claim that the case against the lab management was transferred back to the district police from the Vigilance department because no officer was involved in the case.

In a statement here, former minister Bikram Singh Majithia said the very fact that there had not been a single arrest in the case since more than twenty days proved that the civil and police machinery was under acute pressure from Congressmen not to proceed against the lab management. He said the transfer of the case back to the district police after the Vigilance department registered an attempt to murder case against the owners of Tuli Diagnoistic Centre besides the owners of EMC hospital for indulging in fraudulent medical practices had also sent a wrong signal to civil society. “There is a feeling that now the district level SIT which has been formed to probe the issue will indulge in a cover up exercise to give a clean chit to the Laboratory and hospital management despite the enormity of their crime. Money has changed hands at the highest level of the ruling Congress elite”.

Telling the chief minister the issue was one of crime against humanity, Mr Majithia said Tuli lab declared COVID negative patients as positive with the sole purpose of extorting lakhs of rupees from them in association with the management of EMC hospital. Stating that State officials were also involved in this racket, the Akali leader said the work had been given to Tuli Lab by district officials. He said similarly officials also tried to hush-up the complainants and even harassed and intimidated them. He said in such a situation the officials could not hold an inquiry against themselves.

Mr Majithia said headway had been made in the case after the Vigilance department registered cases against both Tuli Lab and EMC hospital. He said instead of letting the Vigilance department proceed in the case and uncover the officials who had colluded with Congress leaders as well as Tuli lab and EMC hospital; the chief minister virtually halted immediate action against the guilty by transferring the case back to the district police. “This will only give more time to the scamsters to buy their way out”.

Asking the chief minister not to belittle the issue by accusing him of politicizing it by raising the issue of change in jurisdiction, Mr Majithia said even Amritsar MP Gurjit Singh Aujla, who was from the Congress party, had also raised the issue in public interest. He said the Amritsar MP had echoed the voice of the people of the city by stating clearly that the case should not be transferred back to the district police from the Vigilance department. He said the MP had also demanded a judicial inquiry into the entire case by a sitting judge of the Punjab and Haryana high court. “Everyone is concerned about the abrupt transfer of the case back to the district police so please don’t call it a simple jurisdictional decision”.

Asking the chief minister to take corrective action immediately, Mr Majithia said the suffering caused to innocent victims by Tuli Lab and EMC hospital were unimaginable and they should not be let off under any circumstances. He said a nine month pregnant woman – Dr Anam Khullar was wrongfully shown COVID-19 positive by Tuli Lab and kept in an isolation ward with positive patients endangering her life. He said subsequently two tests by the Guru Nanak Medical College lab proved she was COVID negative. He said in another case Preeti Dutta was kept wrongly with COVID patients after a false report prepared by Tuli Lab. He said two members of the Taneja family from England were also admitted in EMC hospital after being handed out false reports. “Such criminal activity should not be allowed to go unpunished”, he added. 

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