Thursday 16 July 2020

SAD lodges complaint to Election Commission against the State Government of Punjab for not releasing 284 crore funds for scholarships for schedule caste students:

- Posted on 19 April 2019

Chandigarh: 19 April.

The Shiromani Akali Dal today lodged an complaint to the Chief Election Commissioner against the Punjab state government for not disbursing 284 crore funds to schedule caste students .

    The SAD in its representation today to the election commission has said that the central government has already released two grants for scholarships worth 284 crores till 5th March but unfortunately the state government in its total lack of sympathy for the needy Schedule caste students has not disbursed the scholarships.

   Ruing that the Dalit students are facing acute economic distress and that the colleges have refused to invite the schedule caste students on convocations as they could not pay there college fees due to the total collapse of the state government’s  governance by delaying the release of funds on time.

Sadly the Punjab University had recently withheld degrees of two thousand schedule caste and schedule tribe students as the state government did not pay the fees entitled to these needy students.

  Three sitting MLA’s Mr Pawan Kumar Tinu, Dr Sukhwinder Sukhi, Baldev Singh Khaira  and Retd Justice Nirmal singh along with Darshan Singh Shivjot President Malwa zone.3 schedule caste wing categorically appealed to the election commission that the academia of needy students was the last priority of the state government and it is discriminatory to sabotage education for the schedule caste students . The election commission has also been requested that immediate action should be taken against the state government so that the students do not suffer or lose out on their academic year. The SAD has also accused the state government for misuse of the grants released by the centre and has solicited the election commission that action be taken against the officers involved in the misuse of funds allocated by the Central government for the scholarship of schedule caste students.

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