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SAD condemns Cong govt for raising one tax after another .

- Posted on 16 November 2018

(Parminder Dhindsa says common man bearing brunt of govt’s fiscal mismanagement)  

Chandigarh, November 16 – The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today condemned the Congress government for raising one tax after the another even as it stated the common man was being forced to bear the brunt for the government’s fiscal management . 

In a statement here, former finance minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa said the 10 per cent surcharge on movement of freight and increase in registration charges on purchase of new vehicles was the latest round of taxes being imposed on the common man who had already witnessed a 20 per hike in power tariff besides municipal taxes during Congress regime .  “The latest round of taxes are being imposed ostensibly for social welfare measures even though it is a fact that the same were being implemented smoothly by the previous SAD- BJP government. This only proves our contention that poor fiscal policies are responsible for the present state of affairs”. 

Stating that the government decision to impose ten per cent surcharge on movement of freight would adversely effect the manufacturing and trading sector in Punjab, Mr Dhindsa said this was a double blow to the industry which was already reeling due to the government’s failure to deliver power at a landing cost of Rs five per unit to them. He said increase in registration charges could prove to be counter productive and lead to vehicles being registered in neighbouring States and the union territory of Chandigarh. 

Asking why the common man should pay for the profligacies of the Congress government, Mr Dhindsa said the government had failed to achieve any of its targets in revenue collection during the late one and a half years. He said excise and stamp duty collections had witnessed a negative growth. He said on the other hand wasteful expenditure was being done to purchase luxury vehicles and renovations of ministerial bungalows. “It seems the government is oblivious to the suffering of the people and is bent on oppressing each and every section of society”, he added. 

Demanding a complete rollback on all new taxes as well roll back of power hikes imposed in stages in the last one and a half years, Mr Dhindsa said the SAD would organise a people’s movement against these inhuman and intolerable taxes and force the government to take them back.

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