RTI information exposes Govt’s collapsed Service Delivery System, leading to Corruption: Aman Arora

Chandigarh, 18th May 2018

Aman Arora, AAP MLA from Sunam has accused the State Government for failing to provide basic day-to-day services to its people on time,thus leading to prevalence of malpractices and corruption in Govt. Offices. Backing his claim through information sought by him through RTI, Arora claimed lacs of applications for numerous  services,which the Govt was duty bound to provide within a stipulated period of a few hours or days are still lying pending in Govt. Offices since years, thus forcing people to shell out money to corrupt babus and clerks.

Arora said, apart from offline Application System, Online Application System through Citizen Portal and Sewa Kendra was introduced in order to provide services in a time bound manner and Right to Service Act was implemented to provide 351 services mostly within 1 to 60 days, which has miserably failed just because of the indifferent attitude of the Govt.

Arora added that RTI information for the years 2015 to 2018  reveals a shocking reality wherein thousands of applications that were to be disposed off within days are still lying pending since 2015 eg 3732 applications out a total of 23382 for Old, Widow , Dependant and Disability Pensions for the poor and needy are still lying pending since 2015 which were to be delivered in maximum of 32 days, 14150 application out of 109902 for Registration, Addition and Correction in Birth & Death Certifices which were to issued within 9-32 days are still lying pending in Govt offices since 2016, 226 out of 297 RTI Informations and 1418 out of 3609 application for New Arms License which were to cleared within a maximum of 32 days are still awaiting Official nod since 2017, thereby providing ample leverage to Babus, clerks and their henchmen to compel people to shell out money as bribes.

Arora said that out of 351 services covered by RTS Act, RTI information given for only 43 services provided Online, reveal that a total of 43.62 lac applicants from 2015 to March 2018, paid Rs 58.70 Cr & Rs 83 Cr respectively as Govt and Facilitation Charges to the Service Provider Company out of which 3.45 lac applicants are still awaiting  Government approval since years, thereby resulting in loss of faith and confidence in Government’s service delivery mechanism, leading to failure of Sewa Kendras and prevelance of rampant corruption in Govt. Offices. He further added that this being just a small tip of information , whereas Govt itself would be having any record of lacs of applications applied offline, thereby making the Service delivery picture further gloomy.

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