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- Posted on 15 December 2019

Chandigarh, December 15:

There is urgent need to further strengthen the existing intelligence mechanism to prevent another Kargil like situation, defence experts averred here on Sunday.

Taking part in session titled Lessons learnt from the Kargil war and their  implementation, retired Defence Secretary Shekhar Dutt stated that we need to strengthen the intelligence and surveillance at Central as well as State level because no military operation would go successful without quick inputs.

All penelist including Lt. General JS Cheema and Air Marshal Nirdosh Tyagi called for developing and generating more intelligence organizations to avoid surprise incidents like Kargil.

 Taking part in the discussion, Dutt said that Kargil demonstrated the surprise to Indian army that how could the specific intruders come and place their.

He said that to avoid such incidents we have to develop the common channels of intelligence and surveillance so that actionable information could be provided to our arm forces to assured maximam level of preparedness.

 He said that national defence is a high priority of country and much more important than infrastructure so there is need to sanction more budget to establish strong mechanism of intelligence and to procure equipments for the purpose which would deliver the every suspicious activity to operation commander of arm forces.

Air Marshal Nirdosh Tiyagi displayed the two exclusive videos of the air force strikes of the Kargil war during the panel discussion. He also revealed that IAF was not properly equipped or trained for operations at such altitude and our Jets were also not designed for situation like Kargil.

Tiyagi said that Kargill review committee elobrated that long time taken by army at apex level to realise how grave the situation was and severely affected the operation and deep interdiction could not be carried out due restriction on the crossing of LOC. He said Kargil war would have  ended 15 to 20 days earlier if the restriction of crossing the LOC was not there.

 Tyagi said that Kargil conflict demonstrated air power could be effectively utilised at such altitude and it has been also learnt that effective application of air power through proper army-air co-ordination resulted in reduce casualties and compressed time frame for successful ground operation’s

 Panelist Lt. Gen J S Cheema said that after 1999 Kargill war, indian army became more stronger and jointness is improved as there are batter opportunities to work amongst tri-services.

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