Rajnath Singh’s remark on ‘no first use’ policy irresponsible and unfortunate: Pak

Islamabad: Pakistan on Saturday said the “substance and timing” of Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement on the possible change in India’s ‘no first use’ policy of nuclear weapons is “highly unfortunate” and “reflective of India’s irresponsible and belligerent behaviour.”

“The substance and timing of the Indian Defence Minister’s statement is highly unfortunate and reflective of India’s irresponsible and belligerent behaviour. It further exposes the pretence of their ‘No First Use policy’ to which we have never accorded any credence,” a statement by Pakistan Foreign Ministry read.

The statement further said that Pakistan has always “proposed measures relating to nuclear restraint in South Asia” and has “eschewed measures that are offensive in nature.” It added that the country will “continue to maintain a credible minimum deterrence posture.”

Singh on Friday had told ANI that the future “circumstances” would determine what would happen to India’s “no first use” policy of nuclear weapons.

The statement appears to have rattled Pakistan, which has never had adopted the same policy itself, despite most of the countries in the world including China abiding by it.

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