Rahul crosses House decorum boundary to hit Modi with shocking hug

Chandigarh, July 20: At the time when the vitriolic political discourse in India is crossing every boundary, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today scored unexpected and unprecedented direct hit when he walked to the seat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hugged him. For a moment, Modi seemed to be flabbergasted at this action of his adversary that seemed to be well rehearsed to confront the politics of hatred and bigotry being resorted to by the ruling BJP and its parent body RSS.

This executed this complex move at the end of his speech on the no-confidence motion against the Modi government moved jointly by several opposition parties in the Lok Sabha that was taken up for discussion today.

It was towards the end of his speech that Rahul attacked the BJP for spreading politics of hatred in the country and asserted he was not deterred even by personal attacks. He said he does not mind his opponents calling him Pappu.  He talked of love and it was to kindle the spirit of love that he went to hug Modi on the other side.

It was a move that was sudden and none could make out as to what he was upto when he was walking towards bench No 1 that is for the prime minister.

Rahul scored a big hit and within minutes, he was dominating the Indian media, barring the usual two or three channels that openly work for Modi and are characteristically unprofessional.

It was when the House reassembled after a brief adjournment that Speaker Sumitra Mahajan expressed her strong reservation  at this unprecedented  action of Rahul Gandhi that has set new trend in Parliamentary democracy.

Rahul Gandhi  also winked after taking his seat that was captured by the cameras. Mahajan referred to that also.

It is hug and wink that caught the fancy of social media.

His action would continue to be debated in the coming days. However, the times are not normal with every boundary being crossed in the run up to 2019 Lok Sabha election. It was the 1984 Lok Sabha election that was contested on the agenda of hate when the Sikhs were dubbed as anti-national after Operation Bluestar in June 1984 followed by the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh security men on October 31, 1984.

Now it is the march of the Hindutva Brigade. Of course, the free gas connection is irrespective of caste and creed of the poor. So is every subsidy and the roads are for use by everybody. However, it is the exclusion of people from the political system that is alarming. It is this situation that Rahul Gandhi has tried to confront with his hug.

He has conveyed the message that he  would go to any extent to hug people to generate the feeling of love.

The Congress learnt bitter lessons years after the planned massacre of Sikhs in Delhi. The Sikhs now can’t complain of victimhood after Dr Manmohan Singh completed two terms as the prime minister.

Rahul Gandhi has proved that he and his advisers are capable of coming out with out of the box ideas.

His hug has the potential to shake entire political discourse depending upon the next step that Rahul Gandhi takes.   


Jagtar Singh


[email protected]

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