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- Posted on 10 November 2019

Chandigarh/Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala), November 10- In a step aimed at ensuring 100% effective and responsive duty by the Police personnel deputed in Sultanpur Lodhi for the commemorative functions to mark 550th parkash purb of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, the Punjab Police has taken a path breaking initiative  by monitoring the movement of its officers and personnel through a specially designed app.

Divulging the details, the Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Satinder Singh said that around 1000 Police personnel have been deployed on duty in the holy city during the functions to mark the commemoration of 550th parkash purb of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. He said that as the attendance of each and every employee physically was a herculean task, so this app was introduced for internal purposes. Mr. Satinder Singh said that this app ensures the rank wise GPS location wise details of each and every Police employee assigned duty at the Holy city.

The Senior Superintendent of Police said that once logged in the app ensures the real position of employee round the clock. He said that this helps in ensuring a strict check over the presence of an employee at the place of his duty. Besides, Mr. Satinder Singh said that it also gives a broad picture of the presence of Police force at any particular point to ensure that the force was moved from one point to another in case of any emergency.

The Senior Superintendent of Police said that the introduction of app in Police force was brainchild of Inspector General of Police Mr. Naunihal Singh, who was personally overseeing all the arrangements in the holy city. He said that any officer sitting at the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) could know the about information of any employee, in terms of his rank, address and even the power of his phone battery, posted at far end of holy city through a single click.

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