Punjab Government amended list of Essential services: Ashu

Chandigarh, March 21 (Nirmal Singh Mansahia)-Food and civil supplies minister Mr. Bharat Bhushan Ashu informed that  The Punjab Government today amended list of Essential  services as per the provisions in the Essential Commodities Act 1955 as applicable in the state.

Mr. Ashu said  In view of the urgency because of COVID-19 pandemic, Some  services are declared as Essential Services which includes Supply of groceries, Supply of beverages, Supply of fresh fruits and vegetables,  Supply of drinking water, Supply of Fodder, All food processing units supplying processed food items, Dispensing of petrol, diesel, CNG at designated petrol /diesel / CNG pumps/ dispensing units,Rice shellers milling the paddy, Milk plants, dairy units, fodder making units and cattle fields.   Supply of LPG (domestic & commercial)  Medicines and other pharmaceuticals from medical stores, Health services,  Manufacturing of medical and health equipments, Telecom operators and the agencies appointed by them to ensure communication services. Insurance companies, Banks and ATMS,  Post offices, Loading and unloading of wheat and rice for receipt in godowns and/or dispatch against Central pool/DCP/OMSS, Transportation of essential commodities/essential services and stock articles required for procurement and storage of food grains,  gunny bags, PP bags, crates, tarpaulin covers, meshnets, Celphos, insecticides, etc, Movement of Harvesting Combines and harvesting operations, Agricultural implements making units.

He further said that any other item as deemed essential and so declared by the concerned District Magistrate/District Commissioner.

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