03 March 2021 11:17 am

Proposal rejected, struggle to continue till repeal

- Posted on 21 January 2021

New Delhi,Chandigarh, (January 21) In continuity of the nationwide protest abasing farm laws BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan) staged a play in its Delhi Morcha – “Godi Media Jhuth Bolda Hai” on stage near Pakora Chowk on Tikri Border. Sirjana Art Group Raikot under the direction of Director Sompal Hira staged the recently written play. Addressing the gathering BKU (EU)’s leaders Shingara Singh Mann and Jaswinder Singh Longowal said that the Modi government has been testing the patience of farmers, who have been struggling in bone chilling cold nights for months to get the agriculture laws repealed. Ten rounds of meetings have gone in which the government have insisted to form a sub-committee. The government resort to the Supreme Court to delay things under the absurd pretext of suspending the laws for a year and a half but all the farmers of the country, under the leadership of the farmer’s organisations, are determined to fight till the laws are repealed. Additionally, the farmers demand to make MSP legal right for all the crops in all the states and to strenthen the universal public distribution system. The farmer leaders said that suspending the laws for a year or for a year and a half would cost the farmers dearly and the sword will keep hanging on them in the same way. Shingara Singh Mann said that the struggle would not relent without repealing the laws. 

He shared that the rehearsal of tractor parade is going on in full swing in Punjab and Haryana to prepare for the Tractor Parade to be held on March 26 in Delhi.  He insisted that the parade will be a peaceful exhibition of the unity on the Republic Day. Red Art Punjabi University staged a play “Haq Kisan De”. Today’s speakers included Jaswant Singh Tolewal, Sudagar Singh Ghudani, Secretary of Trade Union Council Kewal Singh Hazara, Trustee of Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall Jalandhar, Charanji Lal Kanganiwal. Apart from them, BKU (EU)’s leader Paramjit Kaur Samura, Rational Society Leader Master Megh Raj Ralla, Tasveer Phogat from Haryana also addressed the gathering.


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