Pitroda’s comment on 1984 riot victims: Cong govt’s ploy to hide its Himalayan failures

Chandigarh, May 11

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has taken a strong exception to the unwarranted statement ‘Hua to hua’ over the nerve-racking 1984 Sikh massacre by Indian Overseas Congress President, Sam Pitroda, saying the highly insensate statement had added salt to festering wounds of those who had been subjected to this unending trauma. AAP said that coming out with such a mischievous statement especially at a time, when election to the Lok Sabha was underway, was a well-planned ploy of the government to distract the peoples’ attention from the core issues and its reneging on the  promises made to during the election held in 2017.

In a joint statement issued from party headquarters in Chandigarh on Saturday, Party MLAs Kular Singh Sandhwan, Jai Kishan Singh Rori, Kulwant Singh Pandori and Manjit Singh Bilaspur said that the entire world knows that the Congress Party was not only responsible for the 1984 Sikh genocide, but was also responsible for executing the conspiracy to carry out the pogrom in a well-planned manner.

The AAP leaders said that the Gandhi family can not wash off its blood-stained hands from the scandal claiming innocent lives, for generations to come. Later, adding salt to injuries, Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the country honoured those behind the mass murder, stating that hundred of those behind the organized ‘mass killing spree’ like Jagdish Tytler were roaming free leaving the victims to bear the excruciating pain by denial of justice to them for over decades. They lamented that they were still fighting on their own in the hope to secure justice one day.

AAP leaders said that there was a little hope of any justice from the Congress Party, the Akali Dal (Badal)-BJP alliance too did least to secure justice for them during their some 11-year long tenure in power. They alleged that, instead of taking up the issue to its conclusive end, they tried to create roadblocks to scuttle the process of justice delivery. The AAP MLAs stated that the BJP government which was now claiming credit for sending Sajjan Kumar, one of the chief architects of the mass murder, behind the bars, was a mere political ploy to lure voters, saying it was the relentless battle of Jagdish Kaur’s unflagging courage of counsel HS Phoolka’s who waged the legal battle for decades.

Mounting a frontal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Badal clan, AAP MLAs said that during their 11-year rule both were maintaining a stoic silence, adding that Modi’s long election rhetoric in the state, devoted to Sam Pitroda’s irresponsible comment made no difference since he did nothing to buy justice for the victims and rehabilitating them during the stint in power?

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