Bollywood Actress Zarine Khan Weight Loss Journey From 100 To 57 Kgs

Punjab Update Bureau - 16 July, 2017



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For all of those who are familiar with hot Bollywood actress Zarine Khan then you must be aware of incredible Zarine Khan weight loss journey that inspired many people in India. But, for the other die hard fans of the beautiful actress, this post might come as a shock to you. Yes, you read that right, your favourite actress Zarine Khan once weighed more than 100Kgs.

There are only a couple of stars in Bollywood who keep working to remain fit and Zarine Khan might top that list. Zarine Khan weight loss journey will inspire all of her fans to workout and maintain their physique. She underwent a tremendous transformation and turned herself into the hottest girl in the town. Her incredible transformation is a tight slap on the faces of all the body shamers who criticised her for the excess weight in her debut movie ‘Veer’. After the movie, she shredded so much weight that it was so hard for us to believe that the actress went from being a cute actress to the hottest one.


Workout Routine of Zarine Khan:

No doubt actress lost almost 43Kgs within a year and surprised everyone but no one is aware of the hard work done by the actress. She said, “Every morning, I do Pilates for an hour and weight training thrice a week with Yasmin. I also do some swimming and jogging and eat every two hours to increase my metabolic rate. Sweets and fried food are a strict no!” and for the diet, she is on a high protein diet with lots of veggies and juices.

Her full diet plan is:

Breakfast: Two egg whites, brown bread toast, fruits & sprouts
Lunch: Brown rice, stir-fried vegetables & grilled chicken (boneless)
Dinner: A bowl of salad, brown rice, boiled veggies and grilled chicken.

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