New Delhi’s objection to Canada on activities of Sikhs is futile, flawed and self-defeating : Dal Khalsa

Hoshiarpur- Dal Khalsa today accused the Indian government for manufacturing an excuse to lodge protest against the Canadian Sikhs to the foreign office of Canada stating that Delhi’s objection to Ottawa on activities of Sikhs is futile, flawed and self-defeating.

Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said India was finding it difficult to digest the hard truth that the Sikhs have gained freedom to express their political views freely without any fear of intimidation on foreign soils especially in Canada.

He said they feel proud that the Sikhs have created a respectable space for them in the polity of Nations. He said the participation of Canadian Prime Minister along with his colleagues in the Khalsa Day Parade shows how Sikhs have build a cordial and warm relations with the Canadian society.

Commenting on an ‘unusual but not surprised’ ties between BJP government’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress CM Amrinder Singh, Dal Khalsa leader said there’s more to it than meets the eye. “Modi and Amrinder are playing politics with full understanding and coordination. Amrinder embarrassed Canadian defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan by airing frivolous charges against him and gave happy moments to Modi dispensation. In a reciprocal gesture, the Union government has shown over-concern on the reported so-called threat issued to Amarinder by Canadian Sikhs, which has been categorically denied by the ‘Sikhs for Justice’.

Earlier, ex-CM Parkash Singh Badal was considered best bet for Delhi in Punjab no matter which party rules at Centre. Now, Amrinder has replaced him.

He said the Indian government has objected to the public display of Khalistan floats with images of militants (for India they are terrorists). “India’s objection is totally flawed and uncalled-for as such activities are being carried out from last many years in all major countries in a peaceful manner.
To drive his point home, he said even in Punjab, we had been displaying Khalistan floats with images of militants from last so many years on different occasions.
Re-asserting that their activities wasn’t unlawful, he said while on some occasions in the early years of 20th century the police under the illegal orders of state government do charged members of Pro-freedom Sikh groups including theirs under sedition laws for propagating the concept of Khalistan, however, at the end of the day the High Court has cleared them from all such charges by quashing the very said FIR’s.

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