Need to adjust to live with new normal in post-Covid19 period: V-P Naidu

New Delhi, May 18

With the country progressing on to fourth phase of the nationwide lockdown with greater relaxations today and amid reality of having to live with Covid19, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu advocated a 12-point new normal that everyone should adopt in the post-virus period.

Noting that life cannot be lived for long in confinement, Vice President Naidu referred to how people had to adjust habits to live with HIV virus that had no vaccine for long time. He urged the people to learn to cope with coronavirus by changing the habits and attitudes towards life and fellow humans, if the virus stays for a longer period.

Among the 12 points are living in harmony with the nature and fellow beings; knowing that safety and security of lives are interconnected; rationally analysing the impact of every movement or action on the spread of virus; stop impulsive responsive to the situation and keep faith in science which can come up with a solution to the problem, he said in a Facebook post.

The suggestions also include strict adherence to the behavioural changes like wearing mask, maintaining physical distance and ensuring hygiene; preventing stigmatisation so that the infected volunteer for treatment; checking disinformation and prejudices against fellow citizens as carriers of the virus; and, replacing a sense of collective helplessness by the spirit of interconnected living.

Asking people to ‘’Live differently and Live Safe’’ the Vice President stressed on the need for new attitudes towards life and humanity amidst indications of the virus likely to stay for longer than earlier expected. 

The Vice President also urged media to disseminate correct and scientific information about the virus and the disease and not present it as a catastrophe.  

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