Nalanda University to introduce Vedic Studies

Patna, May 20 (IANS) Nalanda University plans to introduce Vedic Studies and may also start short-term executive programmes on subjects like Mindfulness and Yoga.

“Within the existing schools, we will create new departments,” Vice Chancellor Sunaina Singh said in a statement.
“For instance, in the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions we plan to introduce Vedic Studies, Indian Spiritual Tradition and Peace Studies,” Singh said.
Envisioning Nalanda University as an intellectual bridge between India, Asia and the Asia-Pacific countries, she said the West looks to India as a solution centre.
“Indian knowledge systems have to be explored,” Singh said.
“The University may also start some short-term executive programmes on subjects like Mindfulness and Yoga.”
According to her, the university needs to build more schools and departments for academic excellence.
“The School of Linguistics and Literature and The School of International Relations and Peace Studies will be the next schools that we will focus on.”
Located in the Buddhist pilgrim town of Rajgir in Bihar’s Nalanda district, the university began its first academic session in September 2014 on a makeshift campus.

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