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MRSPTU Assistant Professor awarded Government of India sponsored DST research Project worth Rs. 50 lakh on Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Sewage and Water treatment technology

- Posted on 16 January 2021


Bathinda, January 15

The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India has awarded a prestigious research project worth Rs. 50 lakh on “Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs)” in Sewage and Water treatment technology to Dr. Meenu, Assistant Professor, Chemistry department of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University (MRSPTU), Bathinda.

      The project titled ” Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Sewage Water of Bathinda district, its Transport in environmental compartment and Adsorptive Removal Using Metal Organic framework (MOF)” worth Rs. 50 lakh has been sanctioned to Dr. Meenu to carry out research on latest  water treatment technology to solve the problem. Dr. Meenu will work on the project with close coordination with Bathinda Municipal Corporation. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Meenu, who heads NSS wing of the University is known for her philanthropist works and helping needy people. 

The project to be completed in three years  is being funded under the scheme Water Technology Innovations Call 2019 sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

      PPCPs are worldwide contaminants present in the domestic/municipal wastewater with efficiency of removal in the sewage treatment plant ranging maximum upto 80 percent. The common contaminants found in the wastewater include ibuprofen, carbamazepine, caffeine and diclofenac.

The project would investigate the problems associated with presence of PPCPs in wastewater and its remediation using innovative solution, which Dr. Meenu believes would benefit the regeneration of water for various domestic purposes and water table revival. The project will focus on capacity building and analysis of local environment for PPCPs including surface water, canal water, groundwater, waste and treated sewerage water and soil.

     Studies in India are limited only to establishing the surface water and wastewater effluent/influent concentrations of pharmaceutical and personnel care products. Little information exists for the PPCPs in Northern part of India, where there are two extremes of climate in the year as well as different demographic health problems and paying capacity of the population.

      PPCP characterization of municipal water based on seasonal inputs at various stages from local municipality of Bathinda and its adjoining areas. Adsorption of selected/screened drug residues using novel synthesized metal organic frameworks with supramolecular pores, establishing structure-property relationship will remain in focus.

       Punjab is a vibrant state with lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and other similar diseases which are due to high use of pharmaceutical products. As the paying capacity of the society is high, they do spend better. However, this leads to suspected increase in the PPCPs in sewage water.

      Further there exists no information on a complete study of wastewater used further in irrigation percolation of PPCPs from soils to groundwater. The project will focus on detection and removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products in sewage water of Bathinda and its adjoining areas. 

  Dr. Meenu reiterated that her organization MRSPTU, Bathinda has supported her endeavour in pursuing dedicated research on local issues related to the health of people.

   While congratulating Dr. Meenu for bringing laurels to the department and university, MRSPTU, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Buta Singh Sidhu and University registrar, Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh Brar wished her rand success and best for future endeavors. Prof. Sidhu further added that determination and hard work always pays in the area of science.

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