Tuesday 04 August 2020

Mohali’s fight against coronavirus is not just a fight but a war, Manjit Singh civil surgeon

- Posted on 01 August 2020

894 total cases with 351 being active, 528 recuperated while 15 co-morbid patients died

SAS Nagar, August 1:

All the districts across the State are fighting the deadly corona virus crisis. Challenges faced by Mohali as a district are far more than other districts. Being an integral part of the tricity says Manjit Singh Civil Surgeon Mohali, there is a continuous movement of people to and fro from Panchkula(Haryana), Chandigarh and even from Himachal Pradesh. A large number of people from other states either live or work here. So, controlling coronavirus in Mohali does not mean taking care of native population of the district but requires hashing and rehashing strategy in sync with COVID status of neighbouring States.

Besides, the presence of an international airport causes continuous influx of domestic and international passengers so Mohali’is fight against coronavirus is not just a fight but a war, infact a constant battle.

Mohali has been efficaciously fighting multiple challenges with a mix of intensive testing, tracing and monitoring; lightening fast response time, tight borders and constant reminders to the citizens of danger of frequent human contact.

We proved our mettle by successfully containing covid breakout in Jawaharpur where in 46 cases had surfaced in the village with a habitat of 2500 people. Every 48 hours medical survey was done. Symptomatic patients were quickly isolated, 350 PCR Tests and 200 Rapid Tests were done. We turned the village into Containment zone, the first one in the State and successfully curtailed the spread.

As of now there are 894 total cases with 351 being active. 528 have successfully recuperated while 15 co-morbid patients succumbed. We have health teams working round the clock, 450 to 500 samples are being taken daily with as many as 24,000 samples having been tested. 9 flu clinics are operational and are supported by 18 sampling teams. Health workers are also screening every entrant to the city be it via road rail or by air. The health department is being fully supported by civil and police administration and Municipal corporation/committees are rendering full support. There is no dearth of material or manpower with sufficient arrangement in place in government and private health institutions.

Battle is tough, 44 cases have surfaced on Saturday but we will carry out unabated with our efforts, said Civil Surgeon.

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