Ministers passing buck from one to another – All doing precious little for the people

Chandigarh, November 6. The state is reeling under serious threat of epidemic of dengue while the ministers of Punjab government are passing buck from one to another and doing precious little to combat the menace.

 Stating this here today, former minister Bikram Singh Majithia said that ironically that Health minister Brahm Mohindra has blamed Navjot Singh Sidhu and Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa for not taking any preventive steps like of fogging in vulnerable area ir urban and rural areas respectively. Sidhu is responsible for spread of dengue in urban areas as he is minister for local self government while Bajwa is responsible for rural areas.

Mohendra has squarely blamed his two senior colleagues for spread of deadly disease. But Mohindra should realize that passing responsibility to others won’t bail him out.

In parliamentary democracy, not only concerned minister but the council of ministers is responsible for its gross lapses as it “ collectively  swim or sink  together”, said Majithia adding that in this case the cabinet has decided to sink together- the sooner,  it would be better..

Majithia said that Mohindra expecting from his two colleague- Sidhu and Bajwa – that they would take preventive and precautionary steps to ward of any threat of epidemic was asking for sky.

“ While Sidhu had been busy all these months in picking up quarrels over petty issues with the opposition and bossing around in the local bodies and trying to wriggle out his wife from her direct responsibility in Amritsar train tragedy,  Bajwa has been hobnobbing with hardliners, supporters of 2020 who are bent on breaking the country and indirectly trying to revive militancy” , averred Majithia adding that  both these “ Navrattans of Amarinder  Singh” has no time  to address  the woes of the people.

“ Sidhu rarely attends to his ministerial functions and is instead anxious to hit headlines of newspapers by resorting to cheap rhetoric, gimmicks and histrionic which makes little sense as he thinks  the politics is just another laughter show”, pointed out  Mjithia.   

Majithia advised Mohindra not to ponder over split milk and quickly get to the job to contain the epidemic and provide treatment to the effective people to minimize the damage. Sidhu and Bajwa both are responsible indeed but passing buck won’t help the people of the state. “ Both the ministers are useless”  he put it mildly.

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