Mr. Speaker Sir,
79.  I am reminded of the simplest of the famous quote, “Health is Wealth”.
Unfortunately, not only did the state lose its financial wealth in the last 10 years but
more importantly lost its health to two of the most potent maladies, cancer and drug
addiction. To restore the health of all the citizens of Punjab, while some new initiatives
are being taken, some of the existing would be reinforced and remodelled to address
the problem in a focussed manner. New tertiary level infrastructure is being created in
the field of cancer and drug de-addiction in the State Medical Colleges.
80.  Sir, I propose to allocate `1358 crore which is 14.21{8c6d3f6704cdb4d22004dc79684d70f0271dd82fcfbe654786cb18f09b659ded} higher under Medical and
Public Health in 2017-18 against the budget estimates of the year 2016-17. The main
allocations in health sector are as under:-
 `777 crore: For providing affordable and accountable health care services to
the community under National Health Mission Programme.
 `38 crore: For providing emergency response services (108-Ambulance
Services) medical helpline (104) in the State.
 `30 crore: For treatment of cancer patients under CM Cancer Relief Fund.
 `100 crore: Universal Health Insurance for the under privileged people.
 `50 crore: creation of cancer and drug de-addiction treatment infrastructure.
 ` 50 crore: Establishment of Primary Rural Rehabilitation & Drug De-addiction
centres in the State.
 ` 50 crore: Tertiary Care Cancer Centre.

81.  A new re-structured Universal Health Insurance Scheme is being introduced,
also covering tertiary care treatment which was previously not covered and was causing
bigger financial shocks due to hospitalization. In addition to this, primary care and
secondary care coverage will be there along with accidental and disability cover. The
scheme will help in a big way in the reduction of Out of Pocket Expenditure of the
masses in the State of Punjab, which are quite high. An initial provision of `100 crore
has been made for 2017-18 to implement this scheme.
82. A new Medical College will be opened and set up at SAS Nagar (Mohali) with an
additional outlay of `10 crore in 2017-18. This will help people of Punjab to have better
health facilities and will also help to reduce the shortage of doctors. For providing better
health care for Cancer patients, Tertiary Care centres are being set up with the cost of
`50 crore at Fazilka and Hoshiarpur. `100 crore has been provided for upgradation of
infrastructure in the Government Medical College and Hospital, Patiala for providing
better facilities to the people.
83.  The State will give special focus on health of children and adolescent in the age
category of 0-18 years under Baal Swasthya Karyakaram. Twice a-year, screening of
the children in Aaganwari Centres, Government and Government Aided schools will be
done for 30 diseases through dedicated Mobile Health Teams. Identified children
suffering from any disease will be sent for advanced screening at 5 district Early
Intervention Centres and treatment of such children will be provided free of cost even up
to Medical College level, hospitals/Private empanelled hospitals. The State has
earmarked `42.42 crore for this programme during the year 2017-18.
84.  The State has planned to transform approximately 3000 centres in rural and
urban areas as ‘Health & Wellness Clinics’. These Clinics will ensure preventive as well
as limited curative services. The programme will be implemented in a phased manner
and this year itself 200 centres will be made operational. Adequate provisions in this
regard have been made under the National Health Mission scheme.

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