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- Posted on 30 March 2018

New Delhi, March 30 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) today scored a major achievement today when Delhi Government agreed to its proposal on organizing state level function  to mark the 300th birth anniversary of Sultan Ul Kaum Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia. This was agreed upon in a high level meeting between DSGMC General Secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia.

                Disclosing details  about the meeting Mr. Sirsa informed that he had taken up the issue of celebration of 300th birthday anniversary of  Sultan Ul Kaum Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and after mutual discussions the Delhi government has agreed upon organizing state level function to mark the occasion. He said that in this meeting it was also agreed upon that a chapter on Delhi Fateh Diwas first victory over the Delhi Red Fort will also be included in school syllabus of the National Capital. He said that Mr. Sisodia has assured that he will refer the matter to concerned committee and authenticated version will be included in syllabus. Mr. Sirsa said that he has  urged that history related with  Tees Hazari, Mori Pul and Mathiai Pul should also be included in this chapter.

                Mr. Sirsa also informed that he had given a letter in Punjabi to Mr. Sisodia on appointment of Punjabi teachers and vacant posts of Punjabi teachers in different schools. He said on this Mr. Sisodia wanted to know why he had given letter in Punjabi to which he replied that at a time all minister in Delhi had a Punjabi Steno each attached with them but now no minister has such steno. He said that Mr Sisodia has also assured that all minister will have a Punjabi Steno each soon.

                The DSGMC General Secretary also informed that Mr. Sisodia has also assured that all the posts lying vacant of Punjbi teachers will be filled soon and each school will have a Punjabi teacher this will be ensured by the Delhi Government.

                Welcoming the cooperative attitude of the Delhi Government Mr. Sirsa said that it was high time for all the political leaders to rise above the party lines and  work for the betterment of people and nation.  He said that people were looking forward towards political leaders and meetings which have positive outcomes as he had today with Mr. Sisodia are bound have to affect the lives of people.

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