After loss of face in Rajasthan, spectacular victory for BJP in Tripura

Jagtar Singh

Chandigarh, March 3: Within days of the setback in bye-elections in Rajasthan, the Hindutva ideology has staged a spectacular show in Tripura by giving a crushing defeat to the so called ideology of the Left that has been turning irrelevant after the collapse of the Soviet Union, introduction of the neo-liberal economic dispensation dictated by the markets and the leadership alienated from the grassroots reality which is prone to committing blunders that turn out to be historic.

The politics of the states in the North-East has never dictated the political discourse of the country despite the fact that these are the states where people have been struggling for decades. Many of the areas have been under Armed Forces Special Powers Act. That the militants gave a call for the boycott of the election in Nagaland did not make much of news in rest of the country.

The CPM had been in power in Tripura for the last more than two decades and anti-incumbency has played its own rule. However, it is complete wash out of the liberals that is all the more striking.  Of course, the RSS has been working in that region for years but that has been the case in Punjab too.

The Congress represented ideology that on the face of it was liberal and secular and at the same time, the party used to have strong face beginning with Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru. Indira Gandhi  emerged as a  strong leader with the ideology that was left of the centre. The Congress is now characterised by ideological confusion as it continues to vacillate towards soft Hindutva.  Hindu fundamentalism with leader exhibiting fascist tendencies can’t be confronted by soft Hindutva with a leader who is yet to grow.

This ideology has  slogans like ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ that  in essence means nothing as democracy has to be participatory  and is different from being charity. What is the right of every citizen should not be doled out as a favour. The irony is that every party in the country is raising the slogan of development as if it is a favour.

People elect their representatives so that they provide them good roads, better health and education  facilities and environment that is congenial for the healthy development of society. They are not elected to indulge in loot and turn anti-people.

The Congress degenerated during ten year rule under Dr Manmohan Singh who was a technocrat. The party is yet to set its house in order although the signs are there that it can recover.

That the Congress would have to reinvent itself and shed arrogance has been said  ever since the party was rejected by the people in favour of divisive ideology  and an aggressive leader.  It is ideology of secularism and liberalism that would have to be fine-tuned. A diverse country like India needs such an ideology.

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress would also have to shift from being anti-Modi to governance issues. Modi has failed to deliver on the promises. Economy is still to recover from the shocks. The situation in Kashmir is the worst. It is under the Modi government that even referigrators at homes have been searched.

Ideology can only be confronted by ideology. Congress can’t afford to wait for the people to rise and throw out BJP. It would be decimated by that time.


Jagtar Singh


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