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Looking for roles that allows less make-up, says Amy Jackson

- Posted on 15 December 2017

Gurugram, Dec 15 (IANS) Actress Amy Jackson says that she is looking for roles that allow her to not go overboard with make-up. However she feels that being a girl, she likes experimenting with her looks.

“I have been looking for roles that are not over the top with make-up. Also I dont wear make-up when I am not shooting as I am just bored and over it,” Amy told IANS in a conversation here.
“Having said that , I am a girl and I like getting my face done for shoots amd experimenting with looks but I have noticed that the make-up has so many chemicals so it really affect your skin that’s why I use some organic products too,” she added.
Amy was here to launch Skin Advisor Line (S.A.L) created by The Pond’s Institute. It is a mobile skin care application that helps women understand and trasform their skin.
The actress, who shared the stage with Pond’s expert Rashmi Shetty, looked excited during the launch and said thorough this, she got her own skin-care coach.
“I have already started using this app daily as it provides me with useful reminders and information about my environment such as UV, Pollution, temperature and humidity and how it impacts my skin health. My favourite feature is the chatbot. Its fun, interactive and personalized,” she said.
When asked if it is too difficult to maintain good skin as an actress, Amy said: “Yes it is because I always wear makeup every day. I travel to different countries every week so that are really big fact factors. On top of that we got pollution and its not just in air but in water too so I take a good care of my skin. When I am travelling, I use extra intensiying moisturiser,” she said.

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