Khalistan Administration declared with follow up event at the United Nations

London – 17 September 2018

 Yesterday was a historic day when the Administration for running Khalistan was declared in principle at the 35th Annual International Sikh Convention with Sikh representatives from over 15 countries present.

 The Convention organised by the Sikh Federation (UK), often referred to as the first and only Sikh political party, attracted in excess of 10,000 Sikhs at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Willenhall in the West Midlands. 

 Sikhs from the UK came from over 100 towns and cities with over 200 UK Gurdwaras represented.  Alongside a number of resolutions relating to Punjab was the in principle announcement of the Khalistan Administration with the sole aim of freedom and re-establishing a Sikh homeland.

 The timing of the announcement of the Khalistan Administration is critical given expected developments in the Indian sub-continent.  It follows numerous meetings over a number of years with different governments where Sikhs live and those in positions of influence at the United Nations.   

 At meetings at the UN earlier this year it was suggested only when the Khalistan Administration was in place could serious negotiations begin with other nations to gain backing for a Sikh homeland.  

 Sikh representatives have been told many countries are extremely worried with both the Hindutva direction of travel in India and the rise of the Islamic State.  It is believed to only be a matter of time before there is a serious clash that could ultimately result in the break up of India and Pakistan as we know them now.  

 A Sikh homeland would then definitely be in the equation and the Khalistan Administration and a negotiating team therefore needed to be in place.  Details relating to the Khalistan Administration will be provided at an event in three to four months time to be held at the United Nations.

 Yesterday the proposed structure was however shared with a 101-member Khalistan Advisory Board of recognised Khalistani activists across the globe.  Those making up the Board will be made known at the UN event and will be the public face of the Khalistan Administration.

 An essential component that will maintain the heartbeat of the Khalistan Administration will be a 51-member Executive Team that will draw up detailed plans for all aspects of the administration, including the legislature (Khalistan Parliament-in-Exile); judiciary (Supreme Court, Chief Justice, Court of Appeal) and departments that will run the sovereign Khalistan state.  Names of the 51-member Executive Team will largely remain anonymous.

 The third element will be a 21-member negotiating team drawn from the 101-member Khalistan Advisory Board and 51-member Executive Team to represent the Khalistan Administration in negotiations with member states and with those at the United Nations.

 A working group is being established to make all arrangements and preparations for the event at the United Nations in three or four months’ time.

 Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:

 “Sikh representatives from different countries that discussed the Khalistan Administration proposal at the Convention believe it the single biggest practical step in the formation of a Sikh homeland in the last 25 years on the political stage.”

 “In April 1992 the Sikh leadership in Punjab prepared and signed a submission to the UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali demanding UN intervention and an independent State for the Sikhs and a year later came the Amritsar Declaration.”

 “Different governments where the Sikh diaspora are active and those at the UN have advised there now needs to be a Khalistan Administration and a negotiating team in place as soon as possible.”

 “Following the in principle declaration of the Khalistan Administration yesterday we aim to get all structures in place within three months so our negotiating team is ready to begin discussions on all aspects of a Sikh homeland.”

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