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Khaira flays Punjab Police for frame up of jailed Sikh youth in an arms case in Nawashaha

- Posted on 12 February 2019

“Life imprisonment of three Sikhs youth in sedition case requires judicial scrutiny”

Chandigarh, Feb 12- Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and President of Punjabi Ekta Party(PEP) today flayed Nawanshahar police for framing up a Sikh youth under arms act and provision of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act case despite the fact that he was lodged in jail during the period of crime registered in FIR.

Khaira in a statement said that three Sikh youths Arvinder Singh, Surjit Singh and Ranjit Singh were sentences to life imprisonment for waging war against state by a Nawanshahar court in sedition case on January 31. He added that this was the first case in which life imprisonment was granted for keeping literature, books and pamphlets allegedly related to Khalistan.  He said that this is fit case for scrutiny by higher judiciary when a strong resentment is brewing among the Sikh community over the role of police.

Khaira said that at the time of arrest of three Sikh youth no arms were recovered from them.  Now after their conviction, the police has registered a fresh case under arms act against Arvinder Singh of Nawanshahar. According to a FIR registered in Balachaur police station, Arvinder Singh is accused of supplying a pistol and six bullets to one Gurdeep Singh who is arrested under NDPS Act on January 17, 2019, whereas Arvinder Singh is in jail since May 2016 where is the question of his giving said weapon to Gurdip Singh to avenge the sacrilege incidents that took place in January 2017 and June 2018? Police has claimed that Arvinder Singh wanted to avenge the sacrilege incidents of Saroya and Bichhhodi villages.

Khaira said that police has concocted the story to frame up the Sikh youth in false case to strengthen its previous case of sedition in which Arvinder and two others have been convicted. He stated that sedition case would fall flat in the scrutiny by higher judiciary and police is trying to justify the arrests of youth in sedition case.

He said that sacrilege cases in Saroya and Bachhodi villages had occurred in January 2017 and the three youths were arrested in sedition case in May 2016. He alleged that police cases against Sikh youth were part of larger conspiracy to defame and suppress the minority communities. He said that even Supreme Court of India had earlier dismissed similar case under section 124 A and 153 A amounting to sedition against Balwant Singh who was arrested on October 31, 1984 in Chandigarh for raising slogans for a separate state.

He added that as per set judicial benchmarks, the question of waging war against arises only when an act of violence in the name of separatist movement is committed by a person.

Khaira demanded a judicial inquiry into false case under arms act and provision of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against Arvinder Singh and also asked the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to refrain from fabricating cases against Sikh youth which may be counterproductive.

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