Kate Connor and Rana Nazir’s secret romance

They’ve been keeping their romance under cover for the past few months.

But all was exposed on Monday night’s Coronation Street when Kate Connor and Rana Nazir were caught in the act during a steamy romp. 

The couple couldn’t resist each other as they got naked on the sofa, only for Alya and Rana’s parents to walk in.

 Kate and Rana – played by Faye Brooks and Bhavana Limbachia had up until now managed to keep their love affair secret, from all but Rana’s husband Zeedan who found out about them in January.

 Zeedan has reluctantly agreed to his wife and Kate continuing their romance but only if it wasn’t made public.  

But the plan unraveled on Monday’s dramatic episode after the smitten couple couldn’t resist a romp on the sofa.

 As they got undressed Zeedan’s sister Alya (Sair Khan) walked in along with Rana’s parents – who were under the impression that their daughter was trying to make her marriage work after Zeedan told them about the affair. 

Now the secret is out, there’s plenty more drama to come for the couple as Rana’s conservative Muslim parents threaten to send her Pakistan.

A soap insider told the Daily Star: ‘Rana’s family will do whatever it takes to stop their daughter bringing shame upon them – even if it means sending her away.

As she continues to defy her family they decide they have no choice but to send her away to Pakistan, she has no idea of their plan and is distraught when she realises what they’re up to.

‘It’s horrific for her and Kate can’t believe the lengths her family will go to in order to keep them apart.’  

Rana and Kate became a fan-favourite after beginning their steamy affair late last year, and actress Bhvna recently admitted that she hoped a wedding could be on the cards for the pair very soon.

She told Digital Spy earlier this month: ‘We hope so. They’ve already been through so much to be together. They’ve been fighting their feelings.

‘As far as [Rana’s] concerned, she’s fallen in love with somebody who happens to be a woman. So hopefully they are together.

‘We’d love to see a big, fat gay Muslim wedding.’  Coronation Street continues o ITV on Wednesday. 


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