ingla takes new initiative, posts video working from home to motivate people for social distancing

Adequate measures being taken by Punjab Government to control coronavirus spread: Vijay Inder Singla

Chandigarh, March 21 (Nirmal Singh Mansahia)- Amid the attack of coronavirus, Punjab cabinet minister Mr. Vijay Inder Singla took a new initiative to spread awareness by sharing a video while working from home to motivate others to stay inside their houses. In the video, the cabinet minister could be seen reviewing the situation of coronavirus attack and also appealing people to stay alert and aware of the Covid-19. He assured that Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh led state government has been taking adequate steps to avoid further contamination.


Mr. Singla appealed the people to follow the directions issued by government and administration to control the further spread of Covid-19.


“Apart from following the directions, people should also sanitise their houses and post these photos and videos on his social media accounts. I will share these posts to spread further awareness among people,” he added.


The cabinet minister said that Punjab Government has ensured all the facilities in government hospitals required for the treatment of the patients. He added that the intensive awareness drive is also being run across the state to make the people aware of the coronavirus.

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