“In a minority govt all voices are heard, all voices are respected: Jagmeet Singh

Chandigarh, December 6

“In a minority government all voices are heard, all voices are respected,” said the New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh on his first day back at the Parliament. 

The NDP leader highlighted the “powerful message the Canadians sent for the minority government”.

While, Canadians sent a message, they hope that the Parliament works for “people”, continued the NDP Leader. 

Jagmeet Singh reminded that the responsibility will fall on their shoulders. Sharing a video message from his first day back at the Parliament, Jagmeet congratulated all the members on returning. 

He wrote: “Parliament is back. Today, on the first day of parliament, I wanted to send a clear message: Government must work not for those at the very top – but for everyday people. And that’s exactly what New Democrats are going to fight for”.

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