Chandigarh October 11: The Governor Punjab and Administrator UT Chandigarh Sh. V.P.Singh Badnore today released a book titled “How India manages its National Security” authored by Mr. Arvind Gupta, former Deputy National Security Advisor and head of the National Security Council Secretariat in Government of India.

                        Complimenting the author for his well researched book covering a wide canvas of security related issues, the Governor said the author has rightly pointed out that India faces multiple and complex challenges to its security paradigm. He said historically India has much advancement but currently we need coordinated and cooperative approach to counter both internal and external threats. He said the book is a comprehensive survey and reference volume on National Security, which is a subject of topical and seminal interest. He said the youth of our country must be empowered with military training, nationalism, skill development and digital training. He said the book will make an interesting reading because the most important aspects have been extensively covered by Mr. Gupta.

                 A former diplomat, now honorary professor in the department of Defence and National Security Studies in Panjab University, Mr. Gupta in all the 12 chapters of the book outlined the important aspects of the country’s security machinery and how they interface to confront internal and external conflicts. Through his well researched book, Mr. Gupta also talked about attaining strategic thinking, deep rooted knowledge about the civilization while putting across India’s point of view on the widen security perspective. He also suggested the strengthening and empowering of security institutions and agencies for better coordinated and institutionalized approach.

                 Others who were present on the occasion included, Mr. J.M. Balamurugan, Secretary to Governor, Lt Gen KJ Singh, Prof Raj Kumar, VC Panjab University, Dr Jaskaran, Chairman Dept of Defence Studies, Army Veterans and former diplomats besides research scholars and students from the University and colleges.           

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