Hisar, Narnaul at 40 degrees as heat wave conditions hit Haryana, Punjab

Chandigarh, April 17 (IANS) Haryana’s Hisar and Narnaul towns recorded maximum temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius respectively on Tuesday as heat wave conditions started in parts of Haryana and Punjab on Tuesday.

Even though Chandigarh and surrounding areas were hit by a thunderstorm early on Tuesday, the day temperature soared to 37.2 degrees, three degrees above average.
The city was strewn with broken tree branches, leaves and uprooted trees and poles. Electricity and cable TV wires were also damaged at several places.
Tuesday was the hottest day of the season in most places.
Bhiwani and Karnal in Haryana recorded highs of 38.7 and 38.5 degrees respectively.
Patiala and Ludhiana in neighbouring Punjab recorded highs of 38.4 and 37.9 degrees.
The maximum temperatures were two to four degrees above average, Met department officials said here.
They said that heat wave conditions will intensify over the region in the coming few days.

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