Hailstorm hits Chandigarh, region remains warm

Chandigarh, Feb 24 (IANS) Chandigarh and its surrounding areas were hit by a hailstorm on Saturday evening.

While the rainfall brought some relief to the rising day temperature, the hailstorm led to tree branches falling at some places, leaves strewn over most places and electricity wires snapping. Strong winds blew over the area.
Chandigarh and parts of Punjab and Haryana had received light rainfall on Saturday morning. Overcast conditions were seen at several places in the region.
Chandigarh recorded a high of 26.7 degrees, which was around 3 degrees lower than Friday’s maximum temperature of 29.5 degrees, five degrees above average.
The maximum temperatures in the region hit the 30-degree Celsius mark, five to seven degrees above average, on Friday and Saturday.
Narnaul and Hisar in Haryana were the hottest on Saturday with maximum temperature at 33 and 31.4 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature at Narnaul was eight degrees above average. In Punjab, Ludhiana and Patiala recorded highs of 25.1 and 26 degrees respectively.

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