Government should not take incidents of crop fires lying down: Kultar Sandhwan

Crop fires: farmers should get 100 per cent compensation: AAP

Chandigarh, April 16

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has taken a serious note of the recurring fire incidents destroying standing crops of worth several crores of rupees in the state. It said that the burgeoning incidents of fire taking place due to the lackadaisical attitude of the sleepy state governments were worrying.

In a statement issued from party headquarters in Chandigarh here on Tuesday, Kotkapura MLA and Punjab Kisan wing chief of the party, Kultar Singh Sandhwan said that with the advent of summer season, the incidents of fire destroying standing crops worth crores thus adding to the miseries of the farmers already engaged in a serious agrarian crisis.

He said that the fire incidents have not been new to the state. If official figures are to be believed, standing crops worth crores of rupee fell to the raging flames caused mostly due to short circuit or spark in the live high tension wires over the certain areas.

Reacting to a newspaper report published in a leading English Daily shedding flood light on the fire incident in the Banur area under Mohali district of Punjab ravaging standing wheat crop worth lakhs,  Sandhwan said it was not the incident to be seen in isolation. There were hundreds incidents of fire that had been taking place from time to time which, he said was worrying. To add salt to injuries, the affected farmers got no compensation for the financial loss they had suffered.

Accusing the BJP-SAD government, Sandhwan for the mess, AAP leader said it was during their tenure that the entire network to pre-empting chances of such recurring incidents had gone haywire. Their promise to integrating the fire brigade network, improving the cable network and disciplining the power sector officials, et al had ended in a fiasco as nothing came out of the discourse.

 He added that a majority of the incidents were attributable to top officials in the power sector turning a blind eye to the problem, stating they should be taken to task for not initiating steps to improving upon the old and outmoded system of power supply. Even the state’s Mandi Board department had taken the onus of connecting rural areas in the state with more fire brigade stations, a promise which was never fulfilled.         

Sandhwan demanded that the government in the saddle should not take such incidents lying down. It should come out with a concrete plan to tackle the issue on a priority basis.

He demanded that the government should give 100 per cent compensation to the affected farmers in such cases to mitigating the sufferings of the farmers who were already under stress due to various agrarian crises.

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