Exciting to play villain: Nimrat Kaur on ‘Homeland’

Mumbai- The American spy thriller series Homeland which has completed seven seasons thus far will be starting off its eighth season this year. The good new for Bollywood fans is that Nimrat Kaur who was seen in the fourth season will now return for the final fling as the concluding season is being filmed currently to premiere in the fall of 2019.

Nimrat played the role of a Pakistani ISI agent Tasneem Qureshi in the thriller series.

“I had a lot of fun being on that show in season 4. To play a villain is particularly exciting and to go back for the last and final season, and I am promise five awards,” she laughs.

“It is the last season, I did not know how big it was and when it was so loved and it became so popular. It was fun to be loved to be hated and it is a warm kickass feeling. People would come to me at public places and tell me ‘we love to hate you,’ so when they asked me to come back to it, it was a no brainer,” says the actress who has been roaming the world with the show.

“I am born wanderlust. I have been roaming from city to city since I was born as my father was in the defence forces. I will be in Casablanca shooting for the next few days,” says the actress adding that her quench for travel has also been fulfilled by the show.

“There are talks about other stuff, but I will comeback from Homeland and then plan to decide what I want to do,” says the actress.

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