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- Posted on 09 August 2020

Chandigarh /Mohali, August 9: Cracking down further on the illicit liquor trading and smuggling in the state, the Excise Department got a major breakthrough on Sunday when it seized 27600 litres of chemicals containing spirit. It is so far the biggest haul of such nature by the department.

Divulging the details, a spokesperson of the Excise & Taxation department said that its special team from Mohali seized heavy quantity of 27600 litres of chemical containing spirit from 3 places. Mr. Bikram Brar DSP also joined the raiding team. It was stored in 136 drums of 200 litres capacity each. The seizure was made from village Devinagar, Tehsil Derabassi in Mohali District. During the raid conducted at the premises of the M/s Allychem Chemicals godown, E-68/69 Focal point Dera Bassi, 82 drums of 200 litre each has been recovered. On raids conducted at M/s Om Solvi Trading who was running its operations from D-11 Focal point, Dera Bassi, 49 drums of 200 litres each have been recovered. Similarly, on a raid on M/s Pure Solutions F-28, Focal Point Dera Bassi,  7 drums of 200 litres each have been recovered.

The spokesperson further revealed that 4 persons have been arrested in the case including owners of the firms.

The link for these firms have been  traced from the earlier raid carried out by the department on July 23 almost a week before the unfortunate tragedy when 5300 litres of chemicals and spirit  was recovered from the premises of M/s Binny Chemicals. It is reported that these firms used to supply the material to Binny Chemicals who would further sell it in the market.

During the interrogation, the accused revealed  that they were reducing the waste of pharmaceutical companies. However, they couldn’t clarify the products they were manufacturing as also their customers.

Investigations are in progress to examine the record and to trace further links of the accused in the case. Taking no chances, the Excise department has also called for the services of Chemical experts of the Forensic Science Laboratory.

It may be recalled that the Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh has already given clear cut instructions to the Excise department not to show any leniency with the unscrupulous elements involved in the illicit liquor trade.

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