Even in victory, BJP feels threatened by secular Communist ideology

Chandigarh, March 7: The Bharatiya Janata Party continues to feel threatened by  the Communists even after its spectacular victory over 25 year rule of the Communist government headed by Manik Sarkar known for frugal living who refused to be corrupted. There seems to be no other inference that one can draw from the way the frenzied BJP and RSS mob brought down statue of Vladimir  Lenin, the first man in the world to lead the Communist revolution in 1917 in non-industrialised Russia. It is the secular ideology symbolised by the Left that poses major threat to the RSS dream of Hinduisation of Hindustan. At another level, these sectarian Hindutva forces are turning India into another Pakistan.

The BJP onslaught against the Left had started with the attack on Jawahar Lal Nehru University that has always resisted fascist tendencies irrespective of the party in power. Tripura has provided the much needed space to the BJP to intensify its ideological war against the Left. The people in the CPI(M) refuse to recognise the reality even after this humiliating defeat.

Vandalism of Lenin statute is a symbol of this ideological war. However, it did not stop with Lenin. The statues of Periyar, S P Mukherjee and BR Ambedkar too have been targeted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have come out with the warning against this vandalism.

Not that it is for the first time that statues have been vandalised as this has been happening for years with Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar. However, what happened in Tripura was more than vandalism.

The BJP people don’t realise that at one level, the Communists are no different from the nicker-wallas turned pant-wallas of their parent body, the RSS. Both are closed minds. Interestingly, the RSS people are comparatively more open as Hindutva provides space to all shades of Hindu society. The RSS accommodates every shade provided the objective is Hinduisation of Hindustan. The people in the Communist Party don’t tolerate even difference of opinion and labelling is too quick. It is one reason that led to fragmentation of the Communist movement in India.

The BJP should not have felt threatened from the Communists as they are their own strongest enemies, completely isolated from the people and their concerns and the grassroots reality. They are refusing to learn even after this crushing defeat in Tripura. However, the issue is the ideological clash. The defeat can’t kill the ideology. Despite being suicidal, the Communists in India can’t damage their ideology.

Twenty five year rule, be it of any party,  is bound to trigger anti-incumbency. The CPM led government ruled in West Bengal for more than three decades before having been pushed out by Mamta Banerjee, a leader who belongs to the grassroots. It is Mamta who was among the first leaders to condemn BJP orgy in Tripura. However, the fact is that the Communists have been no different from other parties in the matter of governance.

The Communists are people with secular ideology and it is a secular front that can confront Hindutva. The irony is it is the CPM that is against joining the secular front having too many reservations against parties like the Congress.


Jagtar Singh


[email protected]

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