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Efforts against Drug paddling in state should be appreciated- Aman Arora       

- Posted on 30 July 2017



AAP MLA wrote letter to Chief Minister to commemorate S.S.P. Sangrur

Chandigarh, July 30, 2017

            Aam Aadmi Party state co-president and MLA from Sunam, Aman Arora on Sunday said that any individual or group of people who raise his voice against the drug paddling in state need to be appreciated and encouraged.

            Arora wrote a letter to the chief minister appreciating the work done by S.S.P. of Sangrur Mandeep Singh Sidhu and demanded that the officer must be awarded for organizing a cycle rally against drug problem in the state. The Sangrur Police on July 23rd had organized awareness campaign under the banner ‘Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Life’.

Arora said that around 7000 people from all the walks of society participated in the rally.           He said that he personally attended the rally and felt that the rally was successful in spreading the desired message. Arora said that similar initiatives can make a difference in the future as well.

            In the letter written to Chief Minister, Arora said that it is unfortunate that many prominent politicians in state are patronizing the drug trade in state but the state government has failed to take action against them. He said that the efforts from the people of society have kept the faith alive to root out drug abuse from the state.

            Arora said that even four months after the formation of Congress government in state, it has not taken any initiative to investigate the involvement of big fishes in drug trade in state. He demanded that the government must fulfill its promise the send the drug traders in jail.

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