New Delhi, May 17:  The Vice Chancellor of Delhi University Prof. YK Tyagi had assured Member Parliament Mr. Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma and Delhi MLA Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa to arrange their a one to one meeting with the admission committee of the university before the beginning of admission process to take up matter of quota or grace marks which ever is possible.

          Mr. Verma and Mr. Sirsa had met Vice Chancellor in his office today.

          Mr. Verma and Mr. Sirsa had urged the Vice Chancellor to fix the quota for the students of the domicile of Delhi for admissions in different colleges of Delhi University. They had drawn his attention towards the poor condition of students of domicile of Delhi for getting admission in different colleges of University of Delhi in comparison to the students passed out from other states.

          Both the leaders had apprised him that the students of Delhi domicile who have passed Class XII are facing two fold hurdles in getting the admission in Delhi University. Firstly, the quality of education system of Delhi is very high in comparison to the other states and at the same time the marking system in Delhi is always very strict, which resulted in good education but percentage wise strict results. They said that as the admission in Delhi University is based on the percentage of marks obtained by the students in the Senior Secondary Education, as such the student passed out from Delhi schools suffers on account of lower percentage despite of better knowledge and education in comparison to neighboring states, where the students usually obtained higher percentage of marks solely due to liberal marking.   Due to this percentage criteria, usually the student of Delhi failed to compete with the students of other states in getting the admission in Delhi University.

Both the leaders further said that it is unacceptable that the students passed from Delhi Schools are not getting admission in Delhi University and forced to get admission in private universities in other states by paying huge amount in the name of education, as the seats of Delhi University are given to students of other states.  It amounts to impliedly encroachment upon their Right to Education provided by our Constitution.

          Mr. Verma and Mr. Sirsa urged the VC that the students passed out having Delhi domicile status should be given preference in getting admission in Delhi University by fixation of 70{8b74c281e81d13d5589ca31f8c6e262f8cd377fe97a37d4f6b91c3c18adf8066} Quota for them and said that in case Delhi university cannot  implement quota  due to administrative reasons then at  least 3{8b74c281e81d13d5589ca31f8c6e262f8cd377fe97a37d4f6b91c3c18adf8066} to 5{8b74c281e81d13d5589ca31f8c6e262f8cd377fe97a37d4f6b91c3c18adf8066} grace marks should be granted to the Delhi students in DU college admission as they are entitled for their legitimate constitutional right to get higher education at affordable cost within their home town.

          After listening to the issue raised by both the leaders Vice Chancellor was convinced that the students of Delhi are not getting the share they are entitled to and assured both the leaders that he would soon arrange one to one meeting with the admission committee of the university so that they can plead this case with it who will take appropriate decision on the issue.

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